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     ***** Winsware Technologies provides Global IT Solutions to small and mid size companies, the services includes Integrations,.......... Professional Consulting,.......... Procurements,.......... Asset Management,.......... Application Development,.......... E-commerce Solutions,.......... Data warehousing,.......... Managed Services,.......... Remote Desktop Management,.......... Backup and Disaster recovery Solutions,.......... 24x7 Remote Assistance,.......... Help Desk Services,........Our NOC engineer are available 24x7. *****




















































































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Building a network operations center (NOC) is one of the largest costs and one of the biggest challenges associated with delivering an effective managed service. It requires extensive capital expenditure and needs operational expertise and everyday discipline to deliver what is being promised to a customer. It is estimated that software costs are only 3%-5% of the cost of delivering a managed service and the costs of operating a NOC are typically 12-14 times more than the cost of software.


Winsware’s Virtual NOC is a service provided to our clients who do not want the costs and hassles of building and operating a NOC, as well as for those who have built a NOC but would like to scale the NOC to service a larger number of customers without significantly increasing manpower.


Delivered from Winsware’s 275-man network operations center, the Virtual NOC service takes care of the routine maintenance and monitoring functions such as watching and escalating alerts on a 24x7 basis, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service packs. The NOC services take place behind the scenes with all interaction occurring between our client’s engineers and Winsware’s network operations staff. This unique delivery method allows partners to focus valuable and costly engineering time on high end project and onsite work. The end client sees all services rendered under the client’s brand


Scope of Services

The Virtual NOC service is a 24x7 service covering the monitoring and maintenance of desktops, servers and network devices. Winsware has created the following service plans to give our client’s a high-level of flexibility in choosing what services best suit their needs:



Total Desktop Care – This is a preventive maintenance service for desktops designed to proactively and regimentally maintain the most troublesome areas of desktop management such as virus problems, spyware issues and patching. It is highly unobtrusive and performed as a background service. The services performed under Total Desktop Care are:

Anti-Virus Management

Spyware Management

Temporary File/Internet Debris Removal

Patch Management

Servers / Devices

Server Watch – This is a 24x7 monitoring, analysis and escalation service based on alerts and early warning data received from Winsware’s software. Typically any server monitoring tool generates between 9-20 alerts per day per server. Under Server Watch Winsware engineers watch the alerts, analyze them and intelligently escalate issues (with steps to resolution) to the client’s IT department either by phone (if it is an emergency) or by trouble ticket using the ticketing features within software (tickets will be entered in Connectwise for clients using it). With Server Watch, Winsware engineers do not need access behind the end client’s firewall or to the servers being monitored. The alert analysis is performed using remote diagnostic software permitting the engineers at the NOC to get sufficient diagnostic information to process alerts being received. Server Watch covers the following:

24x7 monitoring, analysis and escalation

Anti-Virus Monitoring

Backup Monitoring

Patch Management

Early Warning and Preventive Alerts for: 

Hardware (memory, disk, RAID and UPS)

Microsoft Windows 2000 and above

Active Directory


Microsoft Exchange 2000 and above

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and above

Citrix Metaframe


Remote Server Care – This is a complete, 24x7 server monitoring, remediation, maintenance and management solution. On a best effort basis, Winsware engineers monitor and troubleshoot server problems based on alerts and early warning information received from the software as well as troubleshooting requests received from the clients. Remote Server Care covers the following:

24x7 monitoring and troubleshooting (on a best effort basis)

Anti-Virus Management

Backup Management

Patch Management

Service Pack Installation

Early Warning and Preventive Maintenance for:

Hardware (memory, disk, RAID and UPS)

Microsoft Windows Server

Active Directory


Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Small Business Server

Citrix Metaframe


Monitoring of Network Devices – Winsware provides monitoring via SNMP and troubleshooting of network and hardware devices such as switches, routers and UPSs.


People, Infrastructure and Systems

Winsware monitors and manages devices across United States customer sites (Locations) for our clients. This is accomplished by a combination of people, infrastructure and systems to deliver a high-level of service quality. 


People: Winware organizes its network operations center by teams, headed by a team leader and a service delivery manager, with a team handling a certain number of clients creating a single point of contact and accountability. Besides the teams there is a server expert group with extensive expertise with applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and Citrix (we support over 40 commercial applications). Lastly, there is a security research group that analyzes patches and determines which machines they are to be deployed to as well as keeping track of releases by antivirus vendors regarding updates and zero-day vulnerabilities.


Infrastructure: Winsware NOC is in an 80,000 sq ft facility with redundant power sources and internet bandwidth from six different providers. The software and technology that drives Winsware’s service is hosted at co-location facilities in Fremont , CA and Pittsburgh , PA. Security has been a key area of emphasis at Winsware with measures including but not limited to biometric access control, video surveillance and access control auditing.  


Systems: Winsware has built a variety of technology and processes to provide a high level of proactive maintenance from its NOC. The first being the early warning system and pattern detection engine which is a database of 16,000 different error conditions with corresponding resolutions. When our software detects events from logs, performance counters, and registry values based on the database of such error conditions it automatically creates a ticket for the NOC engineer who will then take action based on the corresponding resolution and escalation matrix. Secondly, the NOC operations system automatically routes problems by engineers and has a SLA tracker which is used by the service managers to deliver timely service and to prevent issues from falling through the cracks. Engineers performing any troubleshooting or analysis follow a “playbook” that defines actions to be taken against different problems and anything falling outside of this playbook is immediately escalated to the server expert group for action. These systems have evolved over 3 years of providing service and are being constantly updated to improve the quality of service. All interaction with clients is via a ticketing system (using the ticketing system within the software or Connectwise) except for emergency situations such as server down or disk failure issues where phone calls are made. This discipline minimizes the chance of an alert being missed or a problem not being addressed in time.


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