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     ***** Winsware Technologies provides Global IT Solutions to small and mid size companies, the services includes Integrations,.......... Professional Consulting,.......... Procurements,.......... Asset Management,.......... Application Development,.......... E-commerce Solutions,.......... Data warehousing,.......... Managed Services,.......... Remote Desktop Management,.......... Backup and Disaster recovery Solutions,.......... 24x7 Remote Assistance,.......... Help Desk Services,........Our NOC engineer are available 24x7. *****
























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Frequently Ask Questions?

Q: How does WINSWARE help me in assigning access control to my administrator with many users to manage?

A: The ITS Web Portal supports Role Based Access Control so you can assign an administrator to a single site or multiple sites. This Role Based control carries over when using the WINSWARE Remote Management Console, so the same administrator will only have remote control access to those sites which they are assigned.


Q: Can I deploy software using the WINSWARE Platform?

A: Yes, we have integrated a scripting engine into our portal that enables our clients to push out .bat, .msi, and .exe files to their end users.


Q: What type of devices can I remotely monitor?

A: The WINSWARE Server Agent installs locally on a Windows Server machine and is configurable to remotely monitor SNMP, IP and Red Hat Linux devices. Virtually any SNMP device and IP device can be monitored. Red Hat 8, 9, AS 3 and ES 3 are supported as Linux devices.


Q: Does WINSWARE have any intrusion detection reports or capabilities?

A: No, we do not support intrusion detection however we do perform comprehensive External Vulnerability Scans which generates a 30 to 40 page report on all vulnerabilities found on a public IP address.


Q: Can the WINSWARE Platform be customized to monitor for specific ports and applications?

A: Yes, in addition to our default monitoring policies the WINSWARE Platform can be customized to monitor any port, process, service and common performance counters. Alerts and notifications can be configured for customized policies as well.


Q: How secure is the WINSWARE Platform? What data is leaving my client's site?

A: The WINSWARE Platform operates entirely over 128-bit encrypted connections. All data from the client's machine is first compressed using a compression key then sent over a 128-bit encrypted tunnel to our data center. Only requests coming from our Agents are processed by our web servers then directly forwarded to our SQL Database. The SQL Database which stores all of the information is not directly accessible from the Internet. No sensitive data ever leaves your client's site such as usernames or passwords. Only machine configuration details and monitoring statistics are sent to the Data Center.


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